FM Frequency Viewer Map

This FM frequency viewer map lets you see on a map all FM transmitters in the UK on a given frequency.  You can use it to display co and first adjacent channel transmitters to a victim transmitter. If you do, use Freq 1 for the lower adjacent channel, Freq 2 for the co-channel and Freq 3 for the upper adjacent channel. That way the colours aid interpretation (green=grass=lower adjacent, blue=sky=higher adjacent, red=hot=co-channel!)

If you want to look at just one frequency, then select that frequency in all three boxes.  Yes we know, we know – time is money, hope the extra 10 seconds does not bankrupt you!

Then click on any station to find out more about it.

Just select the desired frequency in the box below.

Source data – Ofcom. Data processing & analysis by Associated Broadcast Consultants
Last Updated: 24 September 2018
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