Choosing Equipment Wisely

Even if you have a generous grant behind you, this can quickly get eaten away, and after the initial excitement it can often be difficult for stations to raise extra significant lumps of cash.

It is essential to ensure every penny is invested wisely.The first time you do it the choices can be a little bewildering. Associated Broadcast Consultants see our role as being a “sounding-board” to give advice and second-opinions on how you invest your limited funds. The Golden Rule is – Don’t rush in, take your time and get some advice (hopefully from Associated Broadcast Consultants!). We sell know-how, not kit – therefore our advice is independent. We can give advice in all areas of your station, for example:

  • Studio – Which mixer? What about microphones, how many? Are headphones really necessary? CD decks? What’s needed for phone-ins? Can I use hi-fi equipment? What about sound-proofing or acoustic treatment?….
  • IT – How many PC’s, what type? What software? What is the difference between station automation and live-assist playout systems? What about automatic backups? Can I access the systems remotely? How do I keep all PC clocks synchronised, how do I log all station output, can I really get this stuff for free?….
  • Transmission – Rent or hire? What about a mast? What is audio processing and why do I need it? How do I link from the studio to a remote transmitter site?….

It’s all too easy to get carried-away and waste money. For example you could spend when there are free or cheaper alternatives, or be tempted to scrimp and save in the wrong areas. Remember the Golden Rule and don’t rush-in! Associated Broadcast Consultants have experience and can provide advice on all aspects of setting-up and running a successful community radio station.  Please take a look around our website to avail of some free advice or contact us to talk about how we can help you.

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