Ofcom Licence Application Review Service

We know we’re tempting fate to say this, but our review service has a virtually 100% success record so far. The ONLY two unsuccessful CR applications we have reviewed were in competition for one licence with another successful station that we were advising at the same time! Obviously that situation was made known to both applicants at the time, whilst maintaining full confidentiality.

Our review service includes:-

  • 4-6 hours expert analysis/review of your application
  • A report of at least 4+ pages giving section by section review, appraisal and constructive suggestions for your application
  • A modified “Track Changes” version of your licence application with direct changes and suggestions that you can accept or reject individually or globally in Microsoft Word
  • A coverage prediction map from your proposed transmission site using standard Ofcom thresholds and colours.

Your licence application is a critical stage for your community radio project. Whether it is a CR (Community Radio) or temporary RSL (Restricted Service Licence) application, Ofcom (UK) or BAI (Ireland) are the sole judge and jury on whether you will be granted a licence to broadcast or not.

  • Have you adequately demonstrated “social gain”
  • Are your key commitments too weak or too strong?
  • Have you got the technical details correct?
  • Is your organisation structure adequate?
  • Are your finances credible?

Associated Broadcast Consultants have gone through the licence application process many, many times. We will review your licence application from beginning to end. We will suggest additions and modifications, reflecting upon how the regulator may perceive your application. Naturally we will check the technical details and highlight spelling mistakes and typos.

We will also provide a coverage prediction plot from your chosen transmitter location – this is the simplest way to describe your target area to Ofcom or BAI. Inclusion of a coverage plot shows the regulator that you have done your research and that you mean business

So before you submit your application, consider the benefits of an independent second-opinion with a licence application review by Associated Broadcast Consultants.

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