About Associated Broadcast Consultants

We are a small, friendly bunch of experienced radio professionals who genuinely would like to pass-on the benefit of our experience.
We are passionate about radio. Our aim is to give you truly independent advice. We can be independent because we do not sell kit and so we are not encumbered by sales commissions when we make a recommendation. If we have a personal or financial interest in anything we recommend, we will tell you. This is our fundamental promise. We want to be regarded as “your mate” in a true sense when spending your money – weighing the pros and cons of every pound you spend.
We specialise in FM radio transmission, but also have wide experience right across the broadcast industry from studio specification to station imaging. We’ve done both the big national and regional stuff as well as small local community broadcasting. We would love to help you make the optimum choices. By optimum, we mean best value for money – which means understanding your requirements and balancing quality and cost to find the best solution for YOUR station. We believe we can do this through our unique combination of experience.

Glyn Roylance BSc (Hons) CEng MIET

GlynGlyn is owner of and a Principal Consultant at Associated Broadcast Consultants. Glyn is a qualified Broadcast Engineer and Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He has over 20 years professional experience in radio engineering which started by establishing a student radio station at Manchester University called ABC103 before Piccadilly rebranded and stole their frequency! After graduating he started as a Broadcast Engineer at the Independent Broadcasting Authority - the Regulator/Operator that preceded Ofcom, the Radiocommunications Agency and the Independent Television Commission and led to the creation of NTL which became Arqiva. Here he was responsible for installing, commissioning, operating and maintaining TV and radio networks like Capital Radio, LBC, BFBS, Channel 4 and ITV. He was personally involved in the “birth” of Jazz FM, Spectrum Radio and Choice FM.
He went-on to pioneer in the cable TV industry in the UK, taking an instrumental role in setting-up the first cable TV network in Liverpool. Following that he turned his hand to Telecoms where he held several senior manager positions in charge of the design, rollout and optimisation of the Orange mobile phone network in the UK. After that he spent time doing voluntary work as a founder member of Thornbury FM and later as Director of GLOSS FM – an award-winning community radio station in South Gloucestershire.  Today he is a Senior Technical Consultant at Orange SA.

Clive Roylance

CliveAfter studying Business at College, and having a “real job” in the exporting and import shipping business for a while, Clive embarked on his first professional radio job aboard the Middle East’s famous offshore radio station – “The Voice of Peace“. Back then he was Clive Derek – popular on air and quickly becoming the station’s on-board Production Director. As a 21 year old Clive moved to Ireland where he set up and ran a successful local 24×7 commercial station in Waterford called ABC Radio – ‘The Hot FM’. It was a bold move and for a small operation it quickly made an impact on the airwaves of South East Ireland. Over nearly 7 years the station grew to have a large regional network of AM and FM transmitters, city-centre studios and attracted agency advertising. The radio regulatory situation in Ireland changed, and in 1989 Clive entered general local commercial radio management at South East Radio (Wexford). He hired the team and guided the station through major successes – in terms of both listenership and profitability. In recent years he has been involved in radio industry training and station management consultancy. He says his years of experience have been invaluable – “I have a good grounding in realising the importance of getting the bottom-line right, in addition to making great radio with the available resources”. Having worked in radio over so many years, and having experience of large and smaller stations, he is well placed to understand the challenges (particularly in light of the current economic climate).
Clive is no stranger to the microphone. You can hear him on voiceovers on several UK stations and catch him presenting on the legendary Radio Caroline every Sunday morning 7-10am.

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