Looking for Information on Community Radio?

If you are new to community radio, there is loads of information in our free “Dummies Guide” to Community radio here. It is written from our hands-on experience in many radio projects – and it could save you time, money and heart-break!

As you proceed with your project you may find that you might want a second opinion of the feasibility of your plans, help to script an “Expression of Interest” to the regulator, help with your licence application, advice on setting a budget, help with writing policies and procedures, help finding the best transmitter site, etc. Further down the line you may want to have a second opinion on your investment decisions and equipment choices before you splash the cash.

If you like free stuff, then Associated Broadcast Consultants have written a guide to audio production using the free open-source audio editing software called Audacity. You can download the guide for free from this website here

As with all free information provided on this site, please use it at your own risk.

Associated Broadcast Consultants understand the challenges of running successful community radio on a shoestring budget. We would love to give you the benefit of our experience and help you make the right decisions. So contact us with details of your project.

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