Radio Coverage Predictions / Maps / Plots (standard)

If you want Radio Broadcast Coverage predictions (otherwise known as maps or plots) to indicate the extent of your coverage, then you have come to the right place. We are specialists in radio coverage planning and have over 20 years experience of using computerised radio propagation modelling tools to quickly and accurately deliver radio coverage predictions / maps / plots.

Maybe you are applying for one of Ofcom’s CR (Community Radio) licences, or a RSL (Restricted Service Licence). The inclusion of a radio coverage predictions / maps / plot with your FM broadcast licence application indicates to Ofcom that you mean business and can only enhance the credibility of your application.

Or maybe you are already broadcasting and wondering whether you need more power, more height or a different transmitter site to improve coverage.

Here is an example of one of our radio coverage predictions / maps / plots. The colour thresholds are based upon those used in standard Ofcom “MCA maps” by default – we can change that if you want. If you are non-technical, don’t worry, we can suggest typical values for power, height etc and help you determine accurate coordinates of the location you are thinking of.

Coverage is one of the most crucial aspects of any radio station, so if you don’t have any radio coverage predictions / maps / plots, here’s your chance to plug the gap very cost-effectively! Our radio coverage predictions / maps / plots are priced per prediction, and get cheaper the more you ask for:-

radio coverage predictions / maps / plots prices

It’s much easier for us to do lots of radio coverage predictions / maps / plots at a time, so we make them cheaper the more you ask for. Therefore, we suggest you order several radio coverage predictions / maps / plots and eliminate doubt by seeing the effect of one change at a time – the key changes are power, aerial height or location. So for example: One location, two heights or powers is 2 predictions / maps / plots, one location at two heights and two powers would be 4 maps, whilst two locations, each with two heights and two powers would be 8 predictions / maps / plots. Simply select the quantity of radio coverage predictions / maps / plots you want, and when payment is received we will immediately start work. Send us a message with the key details (location, aerial height above ground and power), but if you are unsure about anything, don’t worry – our house-trained Engineers will get straight in-touch to help determine the correct coordinates, height and power.

Please note that for this price we only offer standard omni-directional radio coverage predictions / maps / plots (ie: with aerials that transmit equally all round in 360 degrees). However we are able to offer radio coverage predictions with directional aerial systems and other changes for extra cost – please get in contact for details.

Radio Coverage Predictions / maps / plots

The more you buy, the cheaper they get!


If you are anywhere outside the UK and want radio coverage predictions / maps / plots, then please contact our sister website

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