Measured Coverage Area (MCA ) map

Measured Coverage Area (MCA) Maps

Ofcom publish Measured Coverage Area (MCA) maps for all FM Commercial and Community stations. Unfortunately they do not publish them for BBC stations – which represent the majority of UK licensed transmissions.

Ofcom tell us that their MCA maps define the licensed coverage area of the radio services that they regulate.  This is very important for example in situations where coverage is inadequate, or there is interference.

In an effort to try and fill the void for BBC transmissions, we have produced a complete set of coverage maps for ALL licensed FM transmitters in the UK.

  • We have tried to make these as similar as possible to Ofcom MCA’s maps. Please bear in mind they are made available for information purposes only.
  • They do not and cannot tell you about the licensed area of any transmitter.
  • Bear in mind that Ofcom sometimes manually tailor their MCA maps to match target editorial areas.  In contrast our maps indicate the full extent of coverage.
  • We have used the same colours and signal thresholds as Ofcom’s MCA maps, with the addition of one extra level which we think gives a good indication of car/mobile coverage.
  • These coverage maps use information provided in Ofcom Databases regarding site location, elevation, antenna height, frequency, power and antenna pattern/orientation.

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